Time Security one of the top security guards services in Kenya situated within Mombasa Urban central business District for easy and effective distribution of operations to serve all clients in Mombasa and neighbouring districts. We are committed to offering the best security guards services in Kenya at a rate affordable to all our clients. 

We are committed in offering the best security guards services in Kenya. Our security guards personnel’s being our company backbone are well trained and developed to our client’s expectation while dealing with any eventuality by ways of

      • Displaying high level of tactics to overcome difficult challenges while on duty.
      • Being vigilant, Reliable and effective at all times.
      • Keeping and proper manning all sites as per the client’s expectations according to the contract.
      • Advice clients on measures to enforce security within their premises to avoid incidents e.g securely locked doors, light up compound or suspicious character including workers and collaborators.
      • Being smart and confident while dealing with strangers and friends



All employees are required to produce their National Identity Cards, Supported by a document from their local chief, school and employment references. All of our security personnel are literate in that they are able to write and speak English language adequately.

At least two referees must support an application, one of whom must be a company employee with at least 5 years of good service.

Security Guard Services in KenyaSUPERVISION.

Ours guards are properly supervised as many times as possible with mandatory three times check. In every (12) hours shift. Key timing are during change of shift at 6.00 AM and 6.00 PM in between both shift to ensure total alertness of guards on duty. Our site administrations focus in monthly basis quality management meeting between the two parties for site appraisal, progress report and putting up new monitoring strategies. Site meeting are used to advice the clients are normally considered very important. The agenda for the meeting is:-

  • Operation target and appraisals
  • Incident report and review
  • Actions agreed, |Site survey and recommendations
  • Staff performance, Standards and target setting.


  • Corporate
  • Individuals homes
  • Medium size companies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Weddings and other parties
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Night Clubs
Time security

Enough to Care, Big Enough to Cope.

Enhanced Security Surveillance

Time Security is a reputable company registered in Kenya. With it headquarters at Mombasa and branches in Malindi, Mtwapa, Kwale and Kilifi. We offer total security solutions, 

We belief we are enough to care and big enough to cope.


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